Officer Duties

Executive Committee Positions Duties


Function: To serve as Chief Executive of OPK

  • Preside over all meetings of Old Pueblo Knitters’, the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and Membership Meetings.  Use procedures as dictated in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised in conducting these meetings.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of any committee established by OPK Board with exception of Nominating Committee
  • Shall be the communicator between OPK and TKGA [The Knitting Guild of America] signing such communications as required by OPK Board
  • Shall have co-sign authority on bank account.
  • Review the By-Laws annually.  If revisions are needed, appoint a “By-Laws” committee.
  • Update job descriptions. Revise in conjunction with each BOARD member and Charity Chairperson.
  • Appoint all standing committees with the advice and consent of Executive Committee, which are: Social Media (Facebook Page and Website), Hospitality, Publicity, and Yarn Stash
  • Write a PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE column for the Newsletter. [Optional]
  • Write annual report summarizing OPK’s achievements for the past year.


Function: Serve as the Chairman of the Program Committee

  • Plan educational presentations for seven (7) OPK general monthly meetings including contacting presenters, thanking them after the presentation and facilitating payment to presenters.
  • Ask members attending general meeting to fill out program evaluation forms and turn them into the front desk when leaving meeting. Collect same and review comments to assist in planning future programs.
  • Conduct annual survey of OPK members (via Survey Monkey) to assess needs of group, report findings to Board and members and use results to plan future programs. Survey is usually done in the Spring (March – May).
  • Collect write-ups for April Fashion Show presentation. Standardize collected responses and send to Pauline Comeau for her use as commentator.
  • Attend board meetings.
  • Attend general meetings.
  • Assist president as needed. 


Function: To serve as recording secretary of OPK and act as custodian of OPK’s records except those specifically assigned to others.

  • As a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE attend all Executive Committee and Board of Director meetings.
  • Keep a record of all proceedings, called the minutes, of OPK. Record the proceedings, not the debate.  At the end of each set of minutes sign off with “Respectfully submitted, (name), Secretary, and date.”
  • Call to order and preside at a meeting when the President and Vice President are absent.
  • Read minutes of previous meeting – Board meetings only.
  • Read important correspondence.
  • Write all letters that pertain to Executive Board business.
  • Sign official documents of OPK when requested.
  • Provide Board members with an electronic copy of the minutes.
  • Retain electronic copies of Membership Meetings Minutes, Executive Board Meeting Minutes, and Treasure’s Reports on Secretary’s flash drive and a cloud or online backup such as Dropbox.
  • Electronic copies will be kept for 10 years.
  • Retain minimal hard copies, as directed by the Board (i.e. tax-exempt letter).


Function: Serve as financial officer of OPK

  • As a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE attend all Executive Committee and Board of Director meetings.
  • Receive and bank all OPK money.  Collect membership dues from Membership Chair.
  • Disburse all usual and customary bills and any bill authorized by the Board.
  • Treasurer will verify the income at monthly meetings with another Executive  Board member and produce a co-signed receipt for club.
  • Maintain OPK’s bank account/checkbook.

Ensure appropriate room arrangement for general meetings.

  • Contact the Facilities Coordinator for our meeting place to arrange chairs, tables, lectern, projector screen, etc.  St. Philip’s has a form that asks for a sketch of the desired room arrangement.
  • Initially make a facilities request for the entire year to ensure the meeting room is available for all the general and special meetings that will be held there.
  • During the year contact the site’s Facilities Coordinator to request special table placement or special needs.
  • Present a statement of the current financial condition of the chapter at all meetings of the Board of Directors and Membership Meetings.
  • Submit an Annual Financial Statement by the first of the year.
  • Arrange for an audit if Board requires it.
  • ​Brings A-frame OPK sign to the meetings.

President shall be added to bank accounts with equal access with one signature required on checks under the amount of $1000.00.  Amounts $1000.00 and over will require both Treasurer and President’s signatures.


  • As a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, attend all Executive Committee and Board of Director meetings.
  • Arrive at each Membership general meeting at least 30 minutes in advance of the start time to have Membership Sign-In Sheet, Guest Sign-In Forms, Membership forms and nametags available for members as they arrive.
  • Welcome everyone attending regular OPK meetings and make sure that they initial the Monthly Membership Sign-In sheet.
  • Create, update and print the Monthly Membership Sign-In sheet at the door for members.
  • Keep monthly sheets and file annually in Membership binder.
  • Update, maintain and print copies of the Monthly Guest Attendance Sign-In Form (name, date of visit, contact info, how they heard about us, free or paid visit) to have available at the door to greet and assist guests. Make guest aware of 2 free visits, then $5.00 per visit versus benefits of OPK Annual Membership for $35.00.
  • Keep monthly attached to Membership Sign-In sheet and file annually in Membership binder.
  • Create, update and maintain OPK Annual Membership Form and have blanks available at door.
  • Send copy to Social Media Chairperson to update form on OPK Website.
  • Collect money for annual membership dues and keep records of who paid (date paid, amount & how paid – check number or cash) and give cash/checks to treasurer in timely fashion.
  • Create and update annually the Excel OPK Payment Record.
  • Create and update monthly the OPK Income Record Form.
  • Photocopy checks to keep copy prior to mailing to OPK Treasurer.
  • Create list of payments to accompany checks & cash given/mailed to OPK Treasurer.  
  • Whenever new members join, give an updated membership list in PDF format to Newsletter Chair.
    Cash should not be mailed to Treasurer. If mailing, then write a personal check for the amount of cash to OPK to mail to OPK Treasurer.
  • Create, update and maintain the database records of all member information.
  • Annual Membership list should contain the following information on each member: Member’s Name, Address, Preferred Contact Telephone Number, Email Address.
  • Email new member email address (or physical address if no email) to Newsletter Chair so that she can put in monthly newsletter and add them to the mailing list.
  • As new members join, e-mail or mail them a welcome note with the OPK New Member Guide and PDF Format Membership List. Explain where name tags are procured at meeting.
  • Update the OPK New Membership Guide (Executive Board, Chairpersons, Charity Knitting Groups, Knitting Meetups, Knitting Mentors) annually or when changes occur.
  • After the February meeting/annual membership renewal, send a copy of the final approved PDF Format OPK Membership List and New Membership Guide to the membership via e-ail or print to non-email members.
  • Report the number of members at board and general meetings and number of guests to Secretary and President.
  • At monthly meetings welcome any Guests or New Members and ask that they stand and introduce themselves.
  • Update the OPK Attendance & Monthly Program Summary 2014 to Present on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain and Update the Monthly Guest Attendance Record. Keep this record for two or three years. After a guest’s second free meeting, charge them $5.00 and explain benefits of membership.
  • Print new members “Name Badge” to be inserted into plastic protectors.
  • Submit any bills incurred to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
  • Keep copies of membership list, forms, payments, membership guide and other information files on FLASHDRIVE.


Function: Prepare a monthly Membership Newsletter.

As a member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE attend all Executive Committee and Board of Director meetings.

How to Create and Send Out the OPK Newsletter



The Newsletter was created in a very simple email format for ease of distribution to both email and non-email members. It does not require any other program, only access to and the ability to send and receive emails. The email format was established prior to Judith Knight taking the newsletter over. Judith then designed the newsletter in a design program called InDesign. When an issue of the newsletter is completed, it is converted in a pdf file and sent to the OPK Board Members for approval. They respond to Judith and she makes any changes or corrections in the InDesign program and then converts it to a pdf file prior to sending it out to the membership.


The Newsletter Editor receives input for the next issue from Board Members, mainly the Vice President following the last monthly membership meeting.  Program information for the next newsletter should be supplied by the Vice President.   She researches the next month’s program, and gathers additional information and pictures from the Internet or other available sources. Input for the next Newsletter includes: a recap of the monthly meeting that just took place (supplied by the Secretary); the new program for the next monthly meeting; new member information; requested patterns; and any other newsworthy information. Some repetitive information is also copied from the prior issues.


The Membership Chair sends an updated Membership List in the beginning of the year to the Newsletter Editor who creates several updated email lists in segments of no more than 20 email names (if the lists are greater than 20 names the Newsletter can be tagged as SPAM and may not be delivered). As the year progresses and new members join, the Membership Chair keeps the Newsletter Editor updated with new member’s name, email, home address and phone numbers so that she can include this information in the Newsletter and updates her email mailing list.


The Newsletter should be emailed on the first day of the month. Print copies should be printed out; envelopes made, stamped, and mailed the first of the month if it does not fall on a Sunday or holiday.


Go to the prior month’s email Newsletter and copy and paste those items that need to appear in the next email Newsletter, onto a new blank email. Add those items that Board members email to you for the next issue of the Newsletter, in the appropriate sequence.


On the weekend prior to the Monthly Meeting, edit out the recap information of the Newsletter and lead with the upcoming Meetings program. Email copies to the membership list. There is no need to print and mail copies to the few people who only receive mail.Use OPK’s flash drive to store pdf files of past​.

Chair Persons


  • As a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS attend all Board of Director meetings.
  • Facilitate both OPK Facebook and OPK Website:
  • Set up page: 
  • Add photos from meetings and events to Facebook page with narrative.  Get permission from members to do this. 
  • Put monthly meeting information on page the weekend before monthly meeting.
  • “New Member of the Month:” As new members join, ask that member fill out the one-page questionnaire and feature them on our OPK Facebook page and in our newsletter. Include a photo of the new member with their permission.
  • OPK WEBPAGE:  http:/
  • Give website User name and password to the President. User name: XXXXXX, Password: change yearly, PIN: XXXX, Secondary security code sent to cell phone.
  • Set up email for website.
  • Update monthly meeting information on Event page.
  • Update New Officer page at the beginning of each year or as necessary.
  • Update Yearly membership Form on website each year.
  • Update By-laws and Duties of Executive Committee, Chairs and Charities as necessary.
  • Get bill for website and domain name to Treasurer for payment of use debit card and then send bill to Treasurer. Check with Treasurer to see her preference. Website is due March 20, 2020. Domain name is due September 16, 2020.
  • Forward email contacts to President and appropriate officers. 


  • As a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS attend all Board of Director meetings.
  • Arrive at each monthly membership meeting at least 30 minutes in advance of the start time to have name tags available for members as they arrive.
  • Give out name tags to members
  • Give out door prize tickets
  • Make sure everyone signs the attendance sheet or signs in as a guest.
  • Collect name tags at end of meeting and return to Membership box.
  • Take membership forms and checks and give to MEMBERSHIP CHAIR.
Multicolored yarn


Function: To create a warm and hospitable atmosphere for all at OPK functions.

  • As a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS attend all Board of Director meetings.
  • Secure committee members as needed to fill the requirements of this position.
  • At each monthly meeting, ask membership for volunteers to bring goodies for next meeting.
  • Provide refreshments for membership meetings as needed, workshops, and all other functions as required.


Function: Setting up of AV equipment prior to the meeting and taking it down after the meetings.

  • ​Note that the individual in this position reports to the Vice-President.


Function: To prepare publicity items regarding OPK activities for newspapers both online and hard copies, radio and television.

  • As a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS attend all Board of Director meetings.
  •  Write and send short articles on OPK meetings, workshops, etc. to various newspapers, magazines, etc. in the Tucson area.
  • Keep a list of places to send info to, contact person, and telephone or email address.


Arizona Daily News

Tucson Life Style

Tucson Local Media


  • Ensure that the two primary sources are updated with the accurate OPK meeting information through the following sources:

The Arizona Daily Star (ADS):
Go to ADS by;
Select Menu on the far left of screen;
Select Entertainment from the pop up list;
Under Entertainment Select List Your Event;
Login/Register: After Logging in select continue;
Respond to the series of questions regarding each event.  Once completed, select submit
ADS will present a draft of the event for your review upon approval ADS will review the event and notify you when it has been added to the Calendar.  Keep in mind this process can take up to 72 hours.

SpinGo is a marketing program that post announcements are advertising to several local sites.  This program offers free and paid opportunities.  OPK has selected to use the free opportunities which published on several community calendars such as The Marana News, Tucson Weekly, KVOA News website etc.. 

Go to;
Select List My Event on the right side of the screen;
Complete requested materials regarding the OPK event in three section:

Event Information;
Media Contact;

After confirmation, SpinGo will review request to ensure information conforms to the policies where the information is posted.  If it complies, SpinGo will post the materials and send confirmation within 24 to 48 hours after submittal.

There are several other publications that OPK may advertise for a fee, such as the Desert Leaf etc.  However, the fee currently ranges between $25-35/per/month/per publication.  This option is somewhat limited in some of the publications as to how often or how many days that they will publish the material.  This is something that this individual will need to consult with the OPK Board to ensure that this is an expense that the organization will assume.


  • As a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS attend all Board of Director meetings.
  • Collect yarn donations when President, Website Master, or other OPK member contacts you with someone’s name who wishes to donate yarn, make contact and arrange for pick-up.
  • Fill out and give a Donation Form to donor for tax purposes.  If necessary, advise Treasurer of donation so a letter can be written to donor.
  • Store and bring to monthly OPK meetings yarn stash.​
  • Yarns for charity projects – donations accepted
  • Yarns for sale for club members and guest.